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Creating virtual environment and Installing packages Django Openlitespeed

Deploying Django with OpenLiteSpeed (Part 5)

We have uploaded our project in the last part of tutorial. We’ll now create virtual environment and use the requirements.txt for installation of package. Finally we will have our project LIVE after few more configurations. Log on to the VPS using terminal before proceeding. Create Virtual Environment First let’s install virtualenv package in our server….

Configuring Postgress for Django

Deploying Django with OpenLiteSpeed (Part 4)

I’m glad you completed all the steps successfully. Now we’ll upload our project to document root(/usr/local/lsws/social/public) using filezilla and finally install Postgres database backend in Ubuntu 20.04. We’ll configure the database to match our Django app configuration.Generate requirements.txt From Django to all other small and large package installed on your development server needs to be…

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