Flutter 1.17: first stable version for 2020 released along with Dart 2.8

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Google has released version 1.17 of its popular UI framework Flutter. Flutter is cross platform UI framework used for building Android, iOS apps and slowly moving towards web. Along with flutter, stable version 2.8 of Dart programming language was also released. Flutter is based upon dart. This version of flutter has closed 6,339 issues and done lots of performance level improvements. As world is facing crisis due to widespread pandemic and most of us are in lockdown, Flutter has named this release as Work-From-Home Edition. Let’s see top Flutter 1.17 features bundled with this stable release.

Top improvements in Flutter 1.17

Last stable version of Flutter was 1.12 which was released on December 2019. This is the 6th stable release from flutter since the release of 1.0 on December 2018. This release has done several works on performance and memory improvements. So, What’s new in Flutter 1.17?

  • 20-37 % speed up for navigation in the default case
  • Up to 40 % reduction in CPU/GPU usage for animations on iOS
  • Reduced application size typically of around 18.5 %
  • 70 % memory reduction scrolling through large images
  • Default use of Apple’s Metal graphics API, improving rendering time by around 50% on iOS

This release has focused on optimization part and that is very beneficial for all the flutter lovers for sure. Flutter 1.17 has introduced new widget NavigationRail designed by Material Design Team and also has improved the Material DatePicker widget. New animation package provides pre built animation effect in the transition of UI elements. Google has improved the accessibility of Flutter apps with fixes to scrolling, text fields, and other input widgets.

flutter 1.17 top features

This release brings us very close to swapping out the current version of Dart DevTools with the new Flutter version. Another improvement is an experimental “fast start” option allowing you to start Flutter app debugging up to 70% faster when you’re building an app for Android.

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Flutter is trending framework to build cross platform mobile app. It is well liked by developers with 75.4 % most loved score in StackOverflow’s developer survey. Though it is not a fully matured language, Google is continuously making effort to improve it.

To help the people who want to develop new skills, google has partnered with App Brewery to give away a new introductory course on Flutter, offering free access to the course to those who activate it within the next three months. We have also collected the list of various offers on the courses during the pandemic of COVID19.


What’s New in Dart 2.8

Features of new Dart 2.8

Dart 2.8 has worked much on null safety which was introduced on Dart 2.7. It has more underlying work on improvements to its pub.dev package management ecosystem, performance improvements for its pub tool, dependency management improvements, and other changes are here with Dart 2.8 SDK. For dependency management Dart 2.8 has provided new command pub outdated, this command helps you understand when both minor and major versions are available by comparing currently used versions against the latest versions available on pub.dev. Dart 2.8 has made several pub tool performance improvements which can be felt in Flutter 1.7 release. The execution time for pub get command has significantly decreased.


What are the things you expect in future release? Please share your thoughts below!!


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