6 Free Unblocked Music Websites for School and Offices

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Do you want Unblocked Sites for music to listen in your workplace or the School? There are several reasons for music sites to be blocked at school colleges and offices. They may be trying to save bandwidth or to avoid distraction. Whatever it be, we want to listen to music (I am not encouraging you to break the rules). While at home, I spare lots of my free time on YouTube, reading articles, and listening to music. Working for hours continuously or the tedious time in college makes me tired; it does to everyone, right?

I always wanted to plug my earphones and listen to Mac Miller and say to myself, ‘I’ll be good by the weekend.’ Everyone loves music, and it is an excellent tool, be it for entertainment or healing. Unfortunately, Schools, Colleges, and Offices restrict music sites. Accessing music from such places gets tough, either you want to take the assist of some proxy sites, VPNs, or you want to run your favorite tracks on your devices.

Be that as it may, there is still some site that gives free unblocked music that is commonly known as unblocked music websites.Without downloading you can tune into free music on this site.Also, the best part is that there are various free unblocked music sites that can be opened to music effectively at school. We will introduce ten great Unblocked Music Sites for Schools / Colleges / Offices here. The below-listed websites are free and are available in most of the institutions globally.

Best Unblocked Sites for Music for listening to music at School, Colleges, and Offices

1. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is the most popular and convenient source of music. Play Music is available in certain territories only. It also has the app version, which is both available in Android as well as in iOS. It is easy to browse and play the desired music.

Listen to Google Play Music from Website

2. Soundzabound

It is not hip hop or pop music library but worth mentioning in this list. Soundzabound is a royalty-free music library from where students can use the audio files for creating original works. You can download the audio and use it in your project works, Powerpoint presentations, video works etc. It is an excellent site to use as a student for royalty-free music to use in projects. You can enjoy the extensive collection of most popular songs or albums free with Soundzabound.

music websites for school unblocked music sites
Enjoy free unblocked music at your school or office

3. Groovesharks

Groovesharks.org is one of the popular unblocked sites for music to use in schools and offices. It has many cool features; you can play the music of your choice of singer, artists or albums and also create your playlist. This website is not the original Groovesharks site launched in 2006. However, this site has got thousands of music for free, Yes for absolutely free to stream your best music online. You can listen to your favorite Radio channel from their website in School or your office.

4. BlueBeat

Bluebeat is a best-unblocked music streaming site to play free music without spending any penny. You can easily browse the music using their search bar. They mostly contain English collection. Bluebeats are suitable for people searching for unblocked sites for music in the UK. This is one of good music websites for school.

Here is the list of top most used apps in USA.

5. Gaana

Are you searching for an unblocked sites for music to stream Bollywood songs for free? Gaana.com is the largest Indian commercial music streaming service, with over 150 million monthly users. It has its paid plan called Gaana plus which comes with premium features. Gaana is available worldwide and features 21 languages from India.

6. LiveXLive

It is an online radio station where you can find more than 450 music channels. LiveXLive acquired the famous company Slacker in 2017 and rebranded as LiveXLive powered by Slacker. You can listen to music according to your mood and choice for free without creating an account. Now, LiveXLive also provides video contents.

There are other free unblocked music websites like Hungama, Clearly drunk, MySpace Music, Rdio, TuneIn, Hulk Share which you can visit and listen music at your School and Workplace.

How can we unblock all music websites?

Besides these sites, you can use VPN software in your device to access any music sites from restricted areas. Also you can use various proxy websites to browse the music websites.


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