Create your own VPS (droplet) in DigitalOcean- (Get $100 credit offer!!)

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Virtual Private Servers are dedicated section of the server. VPS hosting lets you the experience of dedicated resources in the server having multiple users with the help of different virtualization technology. In each VPS, users are allowed to install own Operating System, custom software without affecting other users. A powerful server is split into virtual servers which makes sure that the resources are reserved for each VPS.

What is DigitalOcean Droplet?

DigitalOcean is American based cloud infrastructure provider company established in 2011. DigitalOcean Droplets is their terminology for Virtual Private Servers. They have their Datacenters located at different parts of the world including South Asia, Europe and various parts of North America. They are one of the top hosting provider in the market. Their dashboard is satisfactory and we can monitor our server with metrics and graphs.

How to Setup own VPS in few minutes?

We have compiled few simple steps to setup VPS in DigitalOcean cloud. DigitalOcean charges in per hour basis and their pricing are quite affordable.

Step 1

Create a digital ocean account using the referral link: Sign up to get $100 credit You can sign up using email, Google account or your Github account.

Digitalocean Droplet

Step 2

After successfully signing up, under the billing section, set up your billing details using credit card or PayPal. Cheers! you will get $100 credit in the account if you had signed up using our link.

how to create virtual private server in linux

Step 3

Now in the upper right corner of your dashboard, you will get the Create button. Click the Create and choose Droplets option.
You can now configure your own fresh virtual private server from the digital ocean.

vps hosting in digitalocean

Step 4

Choose the operating system of your choice. Digital ocean also provides one-click installation images of popular packages in Marketplace.
Configure the server according to your requirement. In this tutorial, we are using $5/month droplet with Ubuntu 18.043 LTS installed. Ubuntu (LTS) 18 will get support and updates until April 2023. You can also upgrade your server later.

Virtual Private Server Setup

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Step 5

Choose the location for your server. For speed optimization of your website, it is recommended to choose the data centre closest to the location of the targeted audience. Choose a hostname and tick the required additional options. For Authentication option of VPS, we recommend SSH keys because they are more secure. Create an SSH key in your local device and set it in Digital ocean account. Choose the key you created and proceed to ‘Create Droplet’.

Great!! You created your own Virtual Private Server in Digital Ocean. Now you will get an email from DigitalOcean with login credentials. You will need ssh installed in your device to connect to the server.

Got stuck!! or any queries? Feel free to comment below ????


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