HUAWEI P40 Pro: Should you buy it?- Review

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Huawei P40 Pro is next level improvement to existing flagship in design and camera. Obvious, Right? Of course. It is successor to P30 Pro which was game changer in smart phone photography. And they have always launched state of the art phones. Now it is much better than that, the improved mobile videos as well as the Quad-Curve Overflow Display which is innovated to dissolve the barriers of vision and imagination on every edge. The front punch hole consists two camera capable of 3D face unlock and rear camera set with four cameras are all in all best ever in smart phone. This flagship smart phone is simply a bang for the buck phone on specs and performance.

The flagship P40 pro has a huge display of 6.58 inch and screen curves into all four sides. The screen is 90 Hz refresh rate OLED panal with good color accuracy and 2640 x 1200 Pixels. It has flagship level speaker and microphone. The latest Wifi and bluetooth is present. It has same chip as Mate 30 Pro, HUAWEI Kirin 990, best chip of Kirin released on last September. Phone is capable of 40W wired charging and 27W wireless charging. The box comes with 40W charger and good quality wired ear phone.

The cameras are the standout features of P40 Pro above the rest. The camera co-engineered with Leica is more advanced not in photography but also videography also. It has punch hole in display for 32MP selfie camera and depth sensing camera which makes 3D face unlock and auto focus best. Rear camera set is even more powerful. The variety of camera lens which performs on various light conditions gives it edge over other. The back of phone has 50 MP Ultra Vision Main Camera with Wide Angle, f/1.9 aperture and OIS along with 40 MP Cine Camera with Ultra-Wide Angle, f/1.8 aperture. It also has 12 MP Super Sensing Telephoto Camera with f/3.4 aperture and OIS and 3D Depth Sensing Camera.

All in all P40 pro is among the best you can get for bucks you spent. But it does not have google services and major apps you might use. If you have no problem with it, you are good to go and grab it. Other smart phones manufactures has some bits to learn from huawei.

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