Apple iPad pro 2020: A laptop killer?

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For many years, four tiers of the computer have been around us. The desktop for heavy tasks, laptop for mediocre tasks, smartphone for everyday basics and tablets for anything in between the laptop and smartphone. Apple released its new and improved tablet, iPad Pro 2020 during the disruption of pandemic coronavirus but nothing, even corona can not keep the vibe and hype of Apple iPad Pro 2020 down. And by the way, this latest product of apple is no way less disruptive to existing tablets and even laptops now.

Even the previous release of iPads was well above the rest of the tablets from competitors. Apple iPads had beaten Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S6 and Microsoft’s Surface Pro X already. But Apple never waits for others to come to them, they throw out something even better and keep on innovating. The new bionic A12Z chip, added cursor interface, and mice support makes Apple iPad pro 2020 best. True color tone and support to Apple pencil are making iPad Pro 2020 a viable alternative even to mid-tier laptop consumers. It becomes the number one priority even for mid-range laptops buying creative media people, students, and non-gamer laptop users.

Killer Specs

Apple iPad Pro 2020 is killing competitors who never saw iPads coming their way in specs and performance. The improved front facing camera and mic is great for video calls, conference, and vlogging. Also, the new Apple iPadOS 13.4 and A12Z bionic chip is powerful enough for mediocre tasks. Furthermore, the newly added mice support and cursor interface is a great addition for traditional laptop users and creative personals. Lightweight and over 10 hours of onscreen battery life enhances portability and makes it an even greater choice over laptops. The LTE plus and Wifi 6 makes connectivity on the go even better.

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The 120Hz ultralow reflective liquid retina display with peak 600 nits gives it a new edge in display technology. The new addition is the LIDAR sensor on the back of Apple iPad Pro. LIDAR which takes depth sensing to next level is taking augmented reality in the portable device to a new level. Besides LIDAR two 12 MP wide and ultrawide camera on the back device is great for anyone into iPad photography. Thus, this combination of hardware and software seems to be the killer of Laptops, if one exists. One day we might have only desktops, tablets and smartphones but are we ready?


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