NTC and NCELL offers various plans amid COVID-19 lockdown

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The major telecom providers of Nepal, NTC and Ncell are launching various offers amid COVID-19 lockdown.

NTC to provide 100% bonus balance on recharge

Telecommunication service provider Nepal Telecom is offering a bonus equal to the amount recharged when the customer recharges.

As per the instructions, the bonus feature of Telecom will be effective from Wednesday night. This plan will be implemented only during the lockdown period. The Nepal Telecom is also planning to increase the loan amount for the lockdown period.

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NCELL’s offer: extra data packs and increased loan

Private-sector telecommunications service provider Ncell has launched an offer for their customer, calling for a “lockdown” period. The company said it has added cheaper data plans and other features.This offer will get 15 GB of data for 235 rupees. This offer will cost Rs 15 per GB of data.

Of the data collected in this package, which will be valid for seven days, only 5 GB will run on the 4G network. The remaining 10 GB will run on both the 3G and 4G. You need to dial * 17123 # to get this package.

ntc ncell lockdown offers

Likewise, the company is offering a flat loan of Rs. 80 if the balance gets below Rs. 5 during the lockdown period. You must dial * 9988 # to borrow.

Similarly, the company has provided a balance transfer service free of charge. Anyone with Ncell balance can transfer to any Ncell number.It can be transferred free of charge up to Rs. 500 per transfer and up to Rs. 10,000 transfer from Ncell number to Ncell number. You need to dial *17122*mobile number*amount# or you can transfer directly from Ncell app.

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On Tuesday, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Nepal (Nepal Telecommunication Authority) had directed telecommunication service providers to give bonuses equal to what the customer recharges. What do you say about offers from NTC and Ncell? Comment below!


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