Number of internet users in Nepal increases rapidly

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In Nepal, the number of Internet users provided by various service providers has reached 20 million. According to data released by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) last week, there have been 42.28 million SIM cards and telephone users in Nepal so far.

The Authority estimates that about 75 percent of mobile SIM card users are active. Also, there are currently 41.4 million mobile users. It states that the active user is only 30 million, and the remaining 10 million SIM cards are idle. According to NTA, since mobile users are active among active users, the share of mobile data users in Nepal is significant. The total market for consumers using mobile and wireless internet has reached 70%.

Glance at the internet users statistics

According to the statistics prepared by the Authority based on the current population, the largest share of the internet is mobile.  About 55% of internet usage is from mobiles.

According to statistics, 14.88 percent of fixed broadband (wired) Internet use is about 0.88 percent, and 54.74 percent use mobile broadband internet. Telecom Internet users using data are 10 million 1 hundred twenty-four thousand and seven hundred. Telecom’s internet wired ADSL users are 1 million. Cable FTTH users are 50 thousand 4 hundred, and internet leased line users are about one thousand.

Similarly, Telecom’s wireless Internet service WiMAX is 89 thousand two hundred. The number of users using 3G over mobile Internet users is 79 lakh 98 thousand five hundred, 4g users eight lakh 38 thousand one hundred and EVDO users 1 lakh 36 thousand five hundred, according to the Authority’s data.

Number of internet users in Nepal is rapidly growing and it will not slow down soon.
Number of internet users in Nepal is rapidly growing and it will not slow down soon.

Currently, the internet provided by Internet Service Provider Company is 33 lakh 79 thousand one hundred. It currently has 115 companies with the permission of the Internet Service Provider from the Authority. There are only two dozen Internet companies offering active service in these companies.

The number of users using mobile data from the services provided by private sector mobile service provider Ncell is 69 lakh 46 thousand four hundred. It notes that there are more 4G subscribers than 3G over subscribers who take internet service using Ncell’s SIM card. Ncell currently has 3.49 million Forgery users. Ncell has given 4G across seven states, and it has seen a significant increase in its users as it expands its 4G service faster than Telecom.

Currently, 4G users of Telecom are only 8 million. Even though Telecom has delivered 4G services across the country, its subscriber growth is sluggish.

According to Nepal Telecommunication Authority spokesperson Meen Prasad Aryal, it is common for data users to grow with the use of information technology (ICT). In recent times illiterate has also begun to simplify the daily through mobile data. Mobile phones have reached a trend in every corner of the world, using voice and data services.

Keeping up with the changing times, getting used to using the internet from mobile has become easier for the daily. At present, the service company is also increasing the revenue from data compared to voice, the Authority said.

Profits generated by telecom companies in Nepal

According to NTA data, Telecom has generated revenue of Rs 9.29 billion, Ncell 15 billion 79 crores, and Smart Telecom Rs 11 crores in the last fiscal. Along with the income generated by other Internet service providers, the revenue of Rs.31.17 billion is collected from Internet data annually.


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