Sarathi Taxi Service- Comfortable, Affordable and Hassel free

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Anyone who lives in the crowd-jammed Kathmandu valley is aware of the overcrowded public vehicles and overpriced taxi fares within the region. If you’re looking to travel out in the urban and don’t have a car of your own, then you know it will be quite a hectic task. Sarathi Taxi Nepal is online cab service in Kathmandu valley which ensure the good quality service in the right fares.

Sarathi Taxi Service

Sarathi was started in the year 2016 and came into operation the next year. The service is quite like Uber, Ola and Lyft. Users can take taxi rides from the cabs registered on Sarathi’s platform for a lower rate than usual taxis. The significant difference seen on these cabs is the willingness to run on meters. Almost every other taxi goes by their fare, whereas the Sarathi cabs are obliged to follow the standard metering system and hence present a more convenient means of public transportation.

Mr Prakash Neupane and Mr Ravi Singhal, cofounders of Sarathi, gave Sarathi its name since they wanted their drivers to be the ideal drivers for the users. The team at Sarathi have appropriately analyzed the scenario at the capital with study and discussions with passengers, drivers, Transportation department, traffic department. Currently, users using Sarathi app on their smartphones are pleased since they can quickly get the taxi service at a standard tariff rate.

Sarathi in nepal is online taxi booking service just similar to OLA, Uber and lyft.

These kinds of startups are rightfully being promoted in Nepal, which is a positive sign for the future. Uber and Ola are not available in Nepal but Sarathi Cab can be good alternative for online cab booking in Kathmandu. To use the service, provide by Sarathi, you need to install the Sarathi Application from the app stores on Android or iOS platforms. Taxis available in your location will be shown on the map, and you can book these cabs online or via SMS or phone. An additional feature in case of an emergency is added to Sarathi’s app, which allows the user to alert the authorities if anything goes wrong. The platform integrates taxi tracking system, customer feedback mechanism and digital meter system.

You can book sarathi cab by calling directly to their office at 01-4217171

There are roughly 700 cabs registered on the platform. The drivers registering under this platform are obliged to run on meters, which ensures the standard rate for the customers. Sarathi also trains its operators on use of technology and costumer courtesy which the service providers are finding very useful, Singhal said.

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Sarathi is a significant step forward towards a technologically sound nation, and these services are looking to grow day by day. The government needs to promote these services and provide much-needed exposure to such amazing platforms that offers the best use of technology to better human living standards. Comfortable, affordable and easy to use taxi service is what the people of Kathmandu are looking for and Sarathi Taxi service has been able to set the path for similar systems to be built in Nepal. Sarathi is not alone, other online car booking platforms like HODOR, Eddy Cab and Onver are also in the market.

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