SEE 2076 result coming soon. Here are ways to check your result

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If you are a student of Nepal, then you’ve undoubtedly heard about the “Iron Gate” examination, SEE(previously known as SLC). Secondary Education Examination is regarded as one of the significant educational achievements in Nepal. Almost every student who’ve taken the SEE examination in the year 2076/2077 are eagerly waiting for their results to be published. Previously known as SLC, SEE  marked in Grading System analysis as per the Educational Act 2073.

Every student must wait about three months after their exams to know their results, and that too isn’t an easy task. Many portals are claiming to publish the results only to gain indirect views from eager students. So, We are listing some of the most authentic ways to check your SEE results once they’re published.

  1. SMS providers:

SMS providers are the easiest way to check SEE results. Using the messaging application on your phones, you can see if you passed the iron gate or not. You’ll also get your grades in reply to the text message. Use these SMS providers to get your SEE result:

S.NSMS providerSMS to
1Janaki Tech technology Pvt. Ltd35001
2One app communication33624
Easy Service Pvt. Ltd
4Focus one Nepal Pvt. Ltd35566
5Akash Tech31001

Type SEE <space> Symbol_Number and send it to any of the above-mentioned SMS numbers to get your results.

For example: If your symbol number is 0032155B, then type “SEE 0032155B” and send it to 35001.

  1. Official Governmental portals:

To check your result along with your marksheet, use the official websites of Government of Nepal’s Ministry of Education, Science and Technology or the Office of the Controller of Examinations.

Click on any of these link and follow the steps mentioned on the site to check your result with mark sheet.

  1. National Education Board’s website:

Another method to check your SEE result 2076/2077 is by visiting NEB’s website and following the steps mentioned there and get your mark sheet along with the pass/fail status.

  1. NTC and NCELL’s Services:

You can use NTC services of IVR to know your SEE results. There are two ways to check the result using an NTC number:

  • Call 1600 and dial your symbol no. once you hear the request.
  • Type SEE <space> Symbol_Number and send an SMS to 1600.

You can also use the NTC’s website to check for your result. Visit to view your result.

You can also use the NCELL official app to check for your SEE 2076 results.

  1. Other officially registered websites      

According to reliable sources, the results of SEE 2076 will be published within the second week of Ashad 2077.


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