What is Jailbreaking? Is it illegal to jailbreak iphone?

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Are you thinking of jailbreaking your iPhone? If you are an IOS user you might have heard the term jailbreak frequently. We have listed some facts that you should know before jailbreaking your iPhone.

What is jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is the process of gaining complete access in the IOS. It is used to get root access to the device. If you are familiar with the word Rooting in Android, Jailbreaking is a similar process in the IOS world. It removes the limitations imposed by the operating system giving the full access to the root directories.

Types of Jailbreak

We will discuss four types of jailbreaks; Tethered and Untethered Jailbreak, Semi tethered and Semi untethered.

Tethered Jailbreak

It is a temporary jailbreak to the device. It means you need to re-jailbreak the device if it reboots or the battery dies. Its main flaw is you need to plug your device to the computer and run the jail-breaking software to boot again.

Untethered Jailbreak

It is the more preferred method since you don’t require to plug the device to the computer every time except the initial jailbreaking process. The exploit works even after rebooting several times.

Semi tethered

It allows the device to boot without the physical connection to computer; but jailbreak won’t work until re jail-breaking is done using the physical connection with the computer.

Semi Untethered

It also allows booting but the jailbreaking doesn’t require a physical connection with the computer. The device can be easily pwned by deploying the sideloaded jailbreaking app on the device (iPhone).

Is Jailbreaking illegal?

The simple answer is No. Jailbreaking is not illegal however it will void the warranty of your device. Laws of some countries don’t allow jailbreaking. You can check detail in the Wikipedia Page.

Apple has also warned users against jailbreaking as it violates end-user license agreement. As mentioned in one support article; they may deny services to the devices which are exploited or have unauthorized modifications.

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How to jailbreak iPhone?

You can find various software on the internet. One famous tethered jail-breaking software was redsn0w. checkra1n, jailbreak tool used for A7 to A11 equipped devices (iPhone 5s to iPhone X) , is most used and famous jailbreak tool available for modern iPhone devices. Other two famous semi-untethered jailbreaks used for various firmware are Chimera and unc0ver.

Iphone jailbreak checkra1n uncover 100%


Jailbreaking your iPhone is completely user’s choice but Apple has warned the user with some points. Jailbreak iPhone may face Security vulnerabilities, Battery Drain problem, Inability to apply future software updates and Disruption of services. We don’t suggest Tethered jailbreak, you can try other methods. In case you get any problems don’t forget to comment below!!


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