Will there be a Money Heist part 5? Money heist Part 5 release date

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Money Heist is also known as ‘La Casa de Papel’ and is a Spanish crime drama that needs no kind of introduction anywhere in the world.Because of its plot and the storylines the show is very successful globally.After its debuting on Netflix in 2017, the show has been marked as the most-watched non-English program.

Money Heist has just returned on Netflix for his fourth season, but fans are already interested in knowing whether the show, also known as La Casa de Papel, will return again. TechPaal has rounded up what you need to know about the show’s fifth episode, including how it was confirmed and what might happen next.

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Will there be another series of Money Heist on Netflix?

Spanish series Money Heist has just returned with eight new episodes on Netflix as audiences find out what happened to the main characters. The highly awaited fourth part of La Casa de Papel launched in full on the Netflix on April 3rd. However, fans are still binging the show and are interested in knowing if part five of Money Heist has been confirmed yet.

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Netflix has not yet made an official announcement about the successful drama’s renewal. Evaluating the end of part 4 we expect a next season so stay tuned up. We will update as soon we get some info.

But, given how filming around the world was delayed as a result of corona virus COVID-19 outbreak, audiences could probably wait a little while.But the gap between the two shows was 20 months, which may mean that audiences would possibly not see any of this series until late 2021 or early 2022. What was the scene you loved in Season 4? Comment below!!!


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