Yatri Motorcycles finally unveils Nepal’s first-ever electric bike ‘P-0’

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Nepal’s first-ever electric motorbike was unveiled during an event on Thursday. P-0 is a fully electric motorcycle that is perfectly based on the café racer design to suit the needs of Nepalese roads. The first installment of the bike went public under the Project Zero by the Yatri Motorcycles. It started in December 2017 with an aim to design, engineer and manufacture green mobility solutions to transform the urban landscape. The team comprises of just 11 members as of now, out of which 8 are engineers.

Yatri, a Nepali translation to the word ‘Traveler’ is a perfect combination of style and power. The added environmental benefits of the motorcycle add up to its portfolio as a great choice for Nepal and the world. The team at Yatri Design Studio say that users won’t have to compromise even a bit while switching from regular bikes to Yatri.

What’s inside the yatri motorbike?

The motorcycle is lightweight due to the use of Carbon Fiber instead of regular metal. The bike can run 230 km while fully charged on the 30kW battery. According to the company, a full charge under alternate current (AC) will cost you around NRs. 70. The P-0 consists of modern user interface so that the users can truly experience digital connectivity. The maximum speed of P-0 is of 120km/hr. It incorporates 7inch big HD display which will be used for displaying the regular data like speed and GPS; also we can check intricate details like approximate money we saved by switching to an this beast.

How they did it?

The company ordered some spare parts to be designed in abroad due to the lack of proper manufacturing firms in Nepal. Their primary aim as of now is to build plants here in Nepal so that the customs charges will drop. The price is yet to be released due to some internal customs affair. Will Yatri motorcycles disrupt the motorbike market of Nepal? Comment your thoughts below.

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What is the price for Yatri Motorcycle’s Project 0?

Yatri Design Studio is mass producing 50 Yatri Motorbike in the first phase. The first model has already been booked by the director of Jyoti Group, Saurabh Jyoti. “It is a big deal for Nepali youths to get ahead in technology, so I have purchased the product even though I do not know the price,” said Jyoti. Yatri hasn’t yet revealed what Project Zero will cost. However the price of Yatri Bike has been estimated to be between Rs. 4 to 5 lakhs(3000-4000$ approx).

Team behind Project Zero

There were 7 members in Yatri team. Now the team has expanded to 11 members. Here is short info of all the team members of Project Zero.

Asim Pandey – Founder and CEO of Yatri Motorcycles

Batsal Pandey – Business Development

Ashesh Shrestha – Product Development Engineer

Kanishka Suwal – Product Architect

Krishna Shrestha – Electrical Systems Engineer

Sulav Shrestha – Embedded Systems Engineer

Rachin Shrestha – Mechanical Engineer

Thakur Paudel – Battery Systems Engineer

Adwait Rijal – Battery Systems Engineer

Sujan Tamrakar – Battery Systems Engineer

Sharthak Sharma Poudel – Mobile Application Developer

When will Yatri bike be available in market?

Yatri had announced the first phase production of 50 yatri bikes will complete and will be available for rides till the March 2020. However due to world wide COVID pandemic, the launch date has been postponed and has not been rescheduled yet.


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